It is somewhat amazing to see how much talk there is about the Law of Attraction and how few people actually know about what it is. The Law of Attraction is not a spell that you use and things begin happening that way. It is not that you chant „like begets like‟ a thousand times a day and see things happening the way you want. If the Law of Attraction were so simple, we would have already witnessed the world as a much better place by now. People explain the Law of Attraction in various ways. The most common definition you will find will be something like this: “If you strongly believe that something should happen, it will certainly happen.”

A sentence couldn’t be any simpler, but you will immediately realize that this raises more questions than it answers. The question of desires is the most important. Is it only what we desire and think about strongly that will happen? Or will things that we don’t desire also happen if we somehow think strongly about them? Then there is also the question of internal conflict of thoughts. At times, there could be situations where we think equally in both ways. For example, we may think that a job could be ours or not. So how do we apply the Law of Attraction in such a case? Or what do we do when we are thinking strongly about something and someone else is thinking strongly about the exact opposite thing? What will happen in that case?

In order to be able to reply all these questions, it is important to first understand what the Law of Attraction really says. Notwithstanding the various ways in which the Law of Attraction has been defined, we can break things down in the following four elements:

  • We must know exactly what we want. 
  • We must begin a thought process for it, and begin vociferously asking the universe to make it happen. 
  • We must then visualize a situation wherein we already have what we are hankering for, and we must live in that reality. 
  • At the same time, we must not attach ourselves to what might happen. We must only think about having it. There is no room for apprehension.

The Law of Attraction is not an enchantment or a potion that will wish all your problems away. There are things that need to be done if you want to experience its richness in your life.

One of the main steps toward understanding the Law of Attraction to a greater degree is to understand what the word „thought‟ really means. Throughout the description of this law, you will find that it doesn’t refer to thinking in the way that we do. We think that we exist, we are in a particular situation, there are certain people with and around us, there are things we are with and so on. Whatever we see becomes real for us, and that becomes a part of our thought. However, this is not the kind of thought process that the Law of Attraction talks about. This is known as objective thinking. But, in order to see the implementation of the Law of Attraction in our lives, we have to first shun the concept of objective thinking. We have to adopt a higher level of thinking, which is subjective thinking.

Why do we think that our spouse is real? Because we can see them. But this is objective thinking. With subjective thinking, things will be the other way round. We think our spouse is real and therefore we see them. Now, that is subjective thinking. 

Your job isn’t real. But because you believe so concretely that it is real, it becomes a reality for you. Your situations aren’t real. However, your firm belief that they are happening makes them real for you. This is the realm of subjective thinking. When you think subjectively, things are more or less like how you are seeing a dream. When we see a dream, how do we picture ourselves? Is our „dream‟ self the real us? No, we are the ones who are „seeing‟ the dream. We are just the frame of reference, the consciousness.

Whatever is happening in our dream is our perspective. That is how thinking works in the subjective world. In this world, what we see is actually just a manifestation of our thoughts. Now, that doesn’t mean those things aren’t real. What that means is that those things are present in our consciousness. Just as we might be able to alter things in our dreams, by applying the Law of Attraction, we could alter things in our „real‟ life as well.

Since the Law of Attraction is so strongly based in the thought process, we must first learn what our thought processes really are.

Stop the Default Processes from Ruling Your Life

To a large extent, we allow things and situations to rule over us. How many times in life do we tell, “This situation is beyond me! I cannot do anything about it.”? We do that a lot. Each time that we do that, we are yielding the control of our lives to the situations that are governing us. We do not think even one bit in the way that the Law of Attraction suggests us to do. And what is that way?

Quite simply put, that way is to think as though we rule the circumstances. The fact is that these circumstances are much in our hands. It is up to us to create situations that are conducive for our development, and not the other way round.

Think about it. Is a financial problem bogging you down? Probably you have planned an endeavor but aren’t able to do so because of paucity of funds. So what do you do? Most people will think that this going nowhere and they will bail themselves out. But a person who really believes subjectively will understand that the financial problem lies in the frame of reference and will not worry about it too much. On the other hand, such a person will try to think that he or she could make the situation conducive.

Sounds impractical? It isn’t so impractical actually. If you begin to think strongly about having money, what will you do? The Law of Attraction tells you that you have to „visualize‟ it and actually behave as though you have the money. In that case, you will apply for a loan probably and when you do that, you will be very confident because you believe that the money will be yours. Your confidence will work to your advantage because your potential financiers will get the impression that you have the capability to earn and pay them back. They understand you are a person of merit.

This is what the believers in the Law of Attraction do. They make things conducive to them through an intense thought process. But their thought process is not of this objective world. They think as though they are the center of everything that’s happening and that they can have full control over the situations they face.

In order to create the subjective thought process that the Law of Attraction demands of you, it is very important that you create the right frame of reference. You have to be like the person seeing everything in a dream. Your perceived reality is actually the things that are happening in your frame of reference, which is just another name for your consciousness. But, you need to put a finger on this consciousness. You need to anchor it. This aspect – anchoring your conscious mind – is known as pivoting your thought process.

When you begin pivoting your thought process, the primary requirement is to have a fixed point from where you can begin. Usually, this fixed point is your resolve, your intention, your motive, your purpose. For example, if you really need to start a business, your resolution to do that is your pivot. The stronger you resolve to achieve that, the more profound your pivot will be. That is why people who have stronger resolutions are able to achieve better things than people who don’t have a very strong mindset to achieve something.

If you consider your desire as your pivot and see everything from that perspective, everything begins falling into place. You feel as though everything that’s happening is happening as a means of bringing you closer to your desire. In the above instance, if your desire to start a business is your pivot, then you feel as though everything happening in your life is taking you one step closer toward realizing your dreams. This includes the positives as well as negatives. If you suddenly meet someone, you feel that somehow that will be connected with your new business, which isn’t yet started but you have no apprehensions in your mind about it. You also feel that your getting fired from your desk job was something that will take you closer to having your own business.

People who believe in the Law of Attraction staunchly build such pivots in their minds. Then on, their entire life is focused on this pivot. This is what drives them and motivates them into coming closer to their goals.