Hello Readers,

Before we begin our journey here in Soulscape, allow me to ask you an important question. How lively do you feel about your very life? Give it a moment and allow your innermost being answer. Around 14 years ago, I am faced with the same question. My view back than revolved around this statement: This misery called life.

Puzzled with my own feelings, I searched for answers from professional psychological practitioners to spiritual philosophers. The road was not easy with quite significant resources that need to be put in, emotionally and financially.

Unraveled emotional knots, relieved from haunting thoughts at night, certain degree of enlightenment; these are my gains from more than 14 years of attending trainings, workshops, and mentoring sessions. Now my experience of life is lighter, fulfilled, and orderly.

What about you? Have you begun your own personal journey? Through this site, I would gladly assist you with this little knowledge that worked for me before. Manifest your true self and be the hero in your own world. Be ALIVE! and experience the beauty of yourself!