Spiritual healing is a method where an individual with healing energy transfers the positive energy from themselves on to the person in need. This method of positive energy transfer is usually done using the hands of the spiritually filled individual called a healer. However it should be understood at this point, the healing does not come from the healer but though the healer. The healer is just a vessel for the positive energy.

There are some that believe every individual is capable of tapping into their own personal positive energy for healing purposes. This is done spiritually through prayer. The term spiritual refer to the energy source that is divine in nature and available to all without any discrimination. Most spiritual healers look upon health problem as an inter-connected issues of the body, mind and spirit. If one part is causing the problem all the other parts must be addressed too because of their close connection in producing the problem in the first place.

Almost all the healers believe that most medical problems start with the state of the mind and these manifests into other symptoms that become evident in a physical form. Therefore their primary goal is to restore the balance in the entire body system as a way to complete the process of spiritual healing. This form of treatment is becoming very popular indeed, as it promises a better alternative to invasive medical procedures. There is also a “hunger” that most people seem to experience in their lives and spirituality is one way on filling the void.

Spirituality may be seen as being distinct from religion. Assorted world religions have proposed assorted philosophies and belief systems about the nature of a God and humanity’s kinship with it. Spirituality, on the other hand, refers to the basic experience behind these assorted viewpoints.

It’s an experience involving an awareness of and relationship with something that exceeds your personal self as well as the mortal order of things. This “something” has been given assorted names and delineated in ways that are too many to count. You are able to decide to define what that means for yourself in whatsoever way feels most suited.

Your own sense of a God may be as abstract as “cosmic consciousness” or as earthy as the beauty of the ocean or mountains. Even if you regard yourself an agnostic or atheist, you might get a sense of inspiration from taking a walk in the forest or studying a beautiful sunset. Or a small youngster’s smile may give you a special sense of delight.

Spiritual healing is not only an act of receiving, it must be accompanied with the exercise of one’s inner world. Hence, attaining spiritual discipline ensures the communication channel between man and the divine power remains open and accessible. It also helps to keep the focus of God also referred to as the said divine power. Not to be misunderstood, being spiritually disciplined does not necessarily make an individual a spiritual person or a holy person; it just makes the individual’s desire more intense to be aware of God’s love for human kind.

Being spiritually disciplined encourages the individual to entrust their life into God’s hand and be confident that all will be well. When this surrender is practiced regularly and completely, a habit if formed which in turn causes the confidence to increase in leaps and bounds in leaving everything to God, knowing that this divine power only wants the best for each individual being.

Spiritual discipline helps to ensure the relationship with God and man is in good working order and this helps to develop an intimacy between the two beings. It does not however at any time promise total and complete bliss in cultivating this relationship although the peace factor gained is many folds. In trying to understand the importance of discipline, one must first acknowledge that this spiritual discipline is a tool that helps to connect the physical body and mind with the inner spiritual inner man which in turn in deeply connected to God. When this happens a lot changes in the mind’s eye, and a whole other world of awareness opens up. Spiritual discipline helps the individual look upon his or her life from a spiritual perspective, and make the necessary changes to be in line with God’s ways. Knowing that there is a mighty and divine power which is all knowing, guiding the individual’s life further encourages people to pursue this form of discipline.

Know That You Deserve Healing

Everyone deserves all the attention possible in order to start the healing process. Healing is for everyone but there are some people who genuinely believe that the healing process is not for them or that they are undeserving of it. Some even believe that the negative medical or mental problem is so far gone that that it is not possible to treat the condition and so they don’t even try.

A big part of the problem lies in the belief levels of the individual, which effects the positive manifestation of the desired effect. Some of the mindset that needs to be addressed and changed in order for the healing process to begin is acknowledging the problem, realizing that it can be overcome and being confident that the healing is deserving. When these are accepted then the healing process can begin.

Unfortunately, there are more reasons than not as to why people generally fail to accept that healing is for them and it is possible to accomplish complete healing. Feelings like ridicule or pressure from family tired of fighting and seeing no positive break throughs, seeking various forms of healing without giving it the proper duration to make an impact, costly styles and tools, contracting difficult to cure conditions and lack of informed support.

Fortunately, there are people who believe in the healing process that not necessarily have to involve pharmaceutical medications. These people can help those in need to gain the confidence to embark on the healing journey. In releasing and changing the mind set to accept that healing is available and deserved the body can then process this information and start to address the chemical imbalanced which is a huge part of the healing process. When the mind is ready for the positive energy the body generates in this process, the balance is gradually restored and this results in the restoration to optimum health conditions.

Learn How to Forgive

Holding a grudge is both mentally and physically unhealthy. However learning to forgive on the other hand may sometimes be easier said than done. In order to preserve both the mental and physical health of an individual all efforts must be made to address the issue of forgiveness.

Depending on the hurt inflicted, the expectancy of forgiveness may indeed be difficult but not impossible. This is indeed good news for those struggling with letting go and forgiving. Perhaps the first step would be the ability to forgive oneself of all wrong doing whether justified or not. In being able to forgive one’s self then the person is ready and open to broach the subject of forgiving the offending party. Most experts insist that the sooner the individual practices forgiveness and lets go of the problem the sooner the healing process can begin.

This also has an impact on the health of the individual bearing the grudge. The chemical changes that occur in the body are not healthy and really quite negative. Thus the urgency to reinstate the balance within the body by forgiving quickly. The point to bear in mind is that the mistake cannot be undone, and therefore it is in the past, while the future does not have to live with the reminder of the mistake, if forgiveness is practiced.

Learning to forgive also reminds the person to avoid making the same mistake that lead to the cause of the pain. It gives the individual the presence of mind to walk away before any damage is done because now the individual has the strength and wisdom to do so. Not forgiving keeps the individual trapped and constantly being reminded of the painful memories of the past. Practicing forgiveness opens the door to a new way of thinking.

Be in the State of Love

Life would be wonderful if everyone learned to live by one rule only, and that rule being love. Love everything and everyone no matter what, simple in its essence but extremely hard to put to practice in reality.

Most people look to the afterlife as being the perfect place on existence and try to work towards being able to attain the promise of this goal. However it has been proven that happiness can be found and kept consistent in this life too. To get to this desired state to comfort, one must be able to consciously change any negative mind set with the specific intentions of living in self love, self trust, and total peace. All this takes considerable practice in facing the negative and making the effort to change the less that happy situation into a more acceptable level of joy. Some basic points to note while on the quest to live in a state of love are as follows:

  • Live for the now. Learn to enjoy each moment as if it was the last moment to have. This enables the individual to slow down and actually appreciate those around and be less critical as time is short.
  • Value the important things life. Love those around consciously and with abandon and not withhold anything.
  • Taking comfort in the divine power from within that is love and thus the ability to love unconditionally is possible.
  • Keep the mind centered and focus to always be mindful of any negative elements that might creep into the thought process.
  • Having loving thoughts and imaginations.
  • Listening to calm and soothing music always unleashes the love from within which can identify with the beauty of sound.
  • In listening to the inner voice and trusting it completely allows the individual to be less stressful and more relaxed and able to attract and reflect live.

Another thing to consider is that most people fail to understand that the health of the human body and mind are inter-connected at its very basic levels. When any individual part is not working at its optimum levels the other corresponding parts will be eventually effected and this could lead to other more serious problems. Therefore it would be prudent to always be concerned with any indications the body might manifest to alert the mind of any impending negative health problems.

Holistic style treatments are more focused in creating or restoring the balance of the body system in order to ensure the overall improvement to gain optimum health. The basic principal involved is to direct the positive flow of energy through the body which may have become “blocked” by certain negative elements. This then allows this positive energy to be used to arrest any medical issues and also to create the possible helpful elements to combat any further problems. Sometimes ignoring or failing to take a particular ailment seriously can contribute to the possibility of that particular condition evolving into an even bigger problem. 

Besides this, the financial cost involve may escalate due to the fact the condition was not addressed when first detected. When these costs escalate, there are other consequences that become apparent like the stress levels of the individual become elevated. This stressful mental condition may in turn cause other medical problems, and everything just continues to “snowball” out of control. So what started out as a small medical problem has not evolved into a really serious condition that requires much more attention and concern.