Lots of people start to manifest their ideas and desires but they suddenly realize that how this is going to happen? How that is possible that we think of something and the whole universe will start to help us in getting that? This is simplest approach to manifestation that you let things go and do not over think about them. You just need to make sure that your thoughts, desires and actions are synchronized as much as you can. 

Eliminate “How” from your thoughts

After making your thoughts clear and focused, you need to leave other things on nature and let the nature help you. There are endless possibilities to achieve something but it is just that our conscious cannot think of those possibilities but once you relax and leave your thoughts to do the work then, things will start to unfold and you will be achieving things in lots of unorthodox fashion.

If you started to figure out the way then, you will be limited to very small number of ways and in this very limited choice, you will be stuck for unlimited time. It can be hard for the mind not to think about possible ways after you have made the goal very clear in your mind because it is job of the mind to analyze, think, synthesize and find a way out. The core point is that you do not need to make mind thing instead let the mind do thinking at its own because when you think intentionally then, you will come up with 10, 20 or may be 50 ways of achieving something but believe it or not there are always thousands of ways hich your mind can manifest if you allow it to. To explore those thousand ways, you just need to make the decision and set a goal and let the mind do the calculation at its own and take you there. 

Step Out from Comfort Zone

There’s a lack of self-belief and as a consequence when you stop asserting yourself – you give yourself up to fate and begin allowing things to just happen for you. Such a life is spent seeking the approval of peers; there’s no personal initiative to step outside the little circle of thought and venturing to the unexplored. For these reasons, your life becomes full of anxiety, a passive and defensive attitude, doubt, fear, and diminished self-esteem. Clearly, this isn’t a lifestyle you will enjoy.

Break out of your Comfort Zone. Positive thought affirmations are ideal for individuals who wish to step out of their zones of comfort. They work by asserting a faith and optimism in the self. Self-belief is created and this inspires individuals to create changes that they wish to see in their lives. This is strictly through self-control and effort. Naturally, the first step has to be the erasure of your negative inner talk, which has a big effect in shaping the thoughts, which confine you to the small circle that’s your comfort zone.

As you create your affirmations ensure that they are positive. Let the affirmations convince you. Let them be brief but emotionally and mentally intense. They must be in the first person because they’re only meant for you. With this said and done, start repeating the affirmations fervently. Using visualization and creating mental images of success will serve you well. The positive affirmations are for the purpose of reprogramming the subconscious. Repeating the affirmations every day is required if the reprogramming is to work.

Ensure that you’re calm and collected when you’re doing this. If this proves impossible, invest in a gadget that can repeat the affirmations in your sleep. This has proved to be the most effective technique by far. Realize that affirmations complement your efforts. Half-hearted efforts to get out of your comfort zone will not pay off. The effort has to be wholehearted.

Create Time Frame

There’s a difference between creating in your own universe and creating in the physical world. When you create inside yourself there’s no time involved – your awareness is timeless! For instance, if you would like to change your attitude toward your boss, you do not need to set a time frame. You are able to merely create the intention: “I appreciate my boss,” or, “I value my boss’s viewpoints and beliefs”. It will work instantly if there’s no other belief or intention in its way.

When you deal with the physical world, setting a time frame becomes important. The physical world works within time and space. If you build a new house, first you have a plan, and then you move dirt, assemble wood, install plumbing and move furniture until the house is complete. It takes time and effort.

So if you make your intention but you leave out the time frame – your intention becomes doubtful. For instance: “I’m working in my dream job”. Well, you’d probably say right away: “I am not!” It sounds more like an affirmation than an intention. Include the time frame, and this example turns into: “I’m working in my dream job, six months from now”.

Pay attention to any reactions you have when you formulate your intention. Your mind may interfere and tell you: “No way, I’ll never get this,” or “this is impossible”. If you encounter these instant judgments, formulate your intentions differently, so that they feel more do-able. Occasionally you may want to break a big intention into smaller pieces. For instance: “In two weeks I am a millionaire”, is an intention that may not work for most Individuals. Nonetheless, an intention like: “each day I will have more money to spend”, may get you there sooner than you think.

Use a vision board to manifest your dreams. Buy a large corkboard and start pinning up your dreams. Use words and pictures that show exactly what you want in life. Put this board in a place where you are able to see it each day. 

Spend some time each day and let any imaginative thoughts and feelings flow through you. Your subconscious will immediately begin to work on turning your dreams into reality. Acting on these possibilities will finally bring your dreams to life!