The term emotional healing has very different connotations for different people. For some people, healing emotionally is purely a psychological process. It is a matter of getting over past trauma and getting ready to move on and live a productive life. For other people, however, emotional spiritual healing is the goal. These people want to live a more spiritually fulfilling life as well as a more emotionally secure one. They do not try to separate the concepts of emotional well-being and spiritual well-being.

The interesting thing is that, no matter which approach you take, you can probably get to the same place with it. Purely emotional healing generally leads you through psychiatry or some other kind of materialistic therapy. In this therapy, you primarily address concrete real-world issues. Either you address traumas, unproductive patterns or habits. You systematically works through your own psychological issues until you feel healthier, happier, and more together.

With emotional energy healing and other kinds of spiritual emotional work, you take a very different approach that leads mostly to the same place. You talk about your relationship with the divine – with those things in life that inspire joy and happiness in you. Rather than focusing on concrete, day-to-day ordinary reality, you focus on peak experiences and the like. You try to become more sensitive to the world around you and the subtle energy fields that go on everywhere. Instead of benefiting from this wisdom of your therapist, you benefit from his mastery of arcane and little known arts.

I have met people who have healed emotionally using both methods, and I’m amazed by the fact that, no matter what you believe, you can acquire a higher state of being. Emotional healing is available to atheists and believers alike, and although many of them are skeptical of the opposite approach, all of them seem to benefit.