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Happy by Choice, Way to Wholesome Living

To be happy by choice require deeper understanding about the term happiness itself and your way in building your value system. In this modern time, life as we know heavily suggested that happiness equals to pleasure seeking. Most apparent evidence is the display of social media where influencers and celebrities, the front liner of this […]



Numerology is defined in various ways, and it depends on the culture or tradition of the person that defines it. However, there is one thing that you should know about numerology—if you want to examine your life or want to figure out the next event in your life, numerology is one of the best tools […]



Enneagram is a diagram of a circles consisting of crossing lines that connect nine points. Enneagram is a linkage between Eastern spirituality and Western psychology. In the current days, generally Enneagram is used for self-discovery, understanding personal types and different communicating patterns. Ennea stands for nine in Greek and gram stands for drawing.  Below are […]